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By Charlie Aylward       November 6, 2017



Just visit the Apple App Store, the Amazon store, or Google Play and you will be absorbed into an extended browsing period, being amazed at how many things your smartphone can do for you and make your life easier in a myriad of ways. The devices are all very capable. Whether it's Apple or android, they are both technically advanced devices, but the magic really comes from the device's programming or the third party "apps"?


The phones themselves come with applications standard, but it's really the third party apps that really make the Iphone cool. You can start at the "Top Sellers", this is a list of what, duh, most people are buying, and then go on the "Free" list. This also contains a bunch of apps that are very useful and free! From games, like "Candy Crush", or "Words with friends" to entertainment apps like IMDB. (Internet Movie Database), or TV guide to Music apps like Apple Music, Amazon Music or IHeart radio. Have you discovered "Podcasts" yet? They are like digitally recorded radio programs that you listen to whenever of where ever you like. Besides Apple's own podcast app, you can download streaming apps that require almost no memory on your device like "Stitcher", "Sound Cloud" or "Tune In Radio" and that is just to name a few!


What do you enjoy? What is a problem for you? Look it up or browse your favorite App Store. If you're not, you are definitely missing out!


Many of these products we still use in spite of this electronic marvel that we love and use often, but do you realize how great the Smartphone is or is it just another thing we have "takin' for granted" in todays world?


Below is a photographic list of all the products/services that have been disrupted by the smart phone, either completely or partially.


For Example, you can still buy yourself a Shortwave Radio but there are much more economical and efficient ways, like by using an app on your smart phone, to hear the same broadcasts from other parts of the world.


You can still read a hardcover book, a lot of us still like to read this way, or you can simply download your novel and have it on your phone along with many other titles to read or refer to whenever you like.


Browse the products below. they have all have been programmed into a  comparable mobile app for your phone or tablet and

many provide a mac/pc version for your laptop or desktop too.


Products that were more popular before the Smart Phone and Apps.

[Click for more info on each "Left side for the Mobile Apps, Right for the Old School product"]

What d'ya Think

The Smartphone,


Has it made

Old School products



Click to see info and pricing and compare to an comparable app in the app store of your choice.

Please respond and let me know what other products you can thin of....this is a "work in progress" and will be added to in the future.        Suggestions/Comments

Stay tuned for more great posts to come about the great things in this country, in our lives, and what we take for granted!

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