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By CJ Aykroid        October 22, 2017


While sitting at a traffic light this morning, I came across a car with a vanity license plate,   “B POSITIVE” was the message glaring at me from the late model Mini Cooper at the end of my hood.  I couldn’t get a look the driver, if I had it might have at least solved part of the mystery that presented itself to me by this declaration of licentious vanity.  An interesting Wikipedia article on the subject here.


Being prone to my share of some periodic whining myself, I felt a little guilty reading this. I asked myself, am I a positive enough person? Do people enjoy being around me? Would a positive attitude launch me to the next level as a business person, designer, writer, or even a human? I  quickly snapped out of it, becoming aware that the light had changed to green and the car that set me into this self examination had continued on it’s way with the one behind me was pushing right up my rear bumper.


Later on in the day, I thought about the license plate again, what does this really mean?

B POSITIVE... it can really mean a few different things. Here are some thoughts:

What d'ya Think

1. Is the driver a Motivational Speaker?


A gal or guy that gets paid to go into business’ and speak to employees about “Be Positive & Go For It” or  “The Truth About Success; Is it Worth It?” or “Closing the Deal: Every Time!”.  He/She could be more of a spiritual speaker with programs like,“Believe in Miracles!” or “Chase Your Dreams, You Might Catch One”. My favorite, “Simple Pleasures Are Life's Greatest Treasures”.  Too bad THAT doesn’t fit onto a vanity plate. Its really interesting even finding a speaker of the motivational kind or otherwise.



2. A Blood Spatter Analyst?


Dexter Morgan, from the Showtime series, “Dexter” was a Blood Splatter Analyst for the Miami PD. , In this show, Dexter is a serial killer, trying to use his passion for death and dismemberment for good. There are real life Blood Spatter Analysts that do the same type of work portrayed by Dexter, the difference is that, at least I hope in all cases, they are more passionate about science and justice, not so much about serial killing. Is this a “double entendre” or “double meaning for the analysts love for blood and being positive?

More on the subject Blood pattern analysis here.


3. A Modern Vampire ... keeping a low profile?


Now that I think of it, it was early in the morning on my way to the office when I noticed this car, about 6:30 a.m.. This is early December and the sun doesn’t rise until  well after 7 a.m.. It could have been a member of the undead on their way home after a night of vampire activity. He did still had over a half hour to get home before the sun even peaked over the horizon.


Now that I think about, the Mini Cooper with this plate had it’s windows darkly tinted, which would explain why I couldn’t glean any information about he driver in the first place. This would also be well suited for a vampire since the tinted glass would protect them from a late arrival to wherever it is that they sleep during the daylight. Now I am giving myself the chills just thinking about it, B Positive may be the Vamps favorite flavor. They may be out there, A real Vampire website,



4. A Phlebotomist on the way to the Blood Center?


This may be the most likely since the Blood center of Wisconsin is just a few short miles away and I did notice a bumper sticker that I attributed to the above earlier, that had the logo and the tag line, ”Doing more good than you know.”  The Blood Center provides a vast array of hematological and transfusion-related medical services for local hospitals with a dedication to patient care, clinical research and education of junior physicians.  You can make an appointment and donate, (in Wisconsin or here), . He/she, was probably just on the way to work where they take blood donations for those in need and encourages the donors with positive inspiration as she does their work.


More on phlebotomy here.

A link to the America's Blood Center, make a deposit and help someone in need!




So, the next time you are at a traffic light, the car in front of you has a vanity plate and you are smiling about the cleverness of the author.... Think about the deeper meaning and who may be driving that vehicle.

The Vanity Plate, a Clue to a Deeper Meaning?

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