An archive of brands that I have done in my career. All of the logos came from a sheet of 3-10 concepts for the customer to choose from.

Ace Iron & Steel Logo
Brew City Solutions Logo Moldrite Logo: Inovative Urethane Molding
Brazil Reach Logo
Orion Group Logo
5 Points - Waukesha Downtown Asso.
FRIENDS of the Pauline Haass Library Logo
Back Up Point- Networking- Logo
Jackson Construction Logo
Wisconsin Firewood logo
Glassblock for Less Logo
Country Stove and Fireplace Logo
Lannon Elementary Mascot
Wawautiki Bar and Grill Logo
Struc-rite Logo
North America Phase Convertors-Electrical Supplier- Logo
Goldencrest Book Club Logo
Jimmy's Grotto Restaurant Logo
Struct Rite Design
Sussex Bowl Logo- Bowling Alley
La Chimenea Mexican Restaurant Logo
Turn Around Pastors- Helps Pastors with problems
5 Points Symbol for signage on walking tours of downtown Waukesha
J&J Construction Logo-Remodelor Alpine Plywood Anniversary Seal
The Visual Giftshop Logo
The Gutterguardz Avenger
TNT Fishing Team Logo
Rover Pet Supply
Ruebl Builders Anniversary Seal
Midwest Fly Fishing Logo
Light Force - Theatrical lighting
Melvin Mulch with Shreader the dog
Midwest Healthcare Alliance Logo
Musical Saws Trademark
Film Tools - Equipment rental for the entertainment industry
ECI- Electrical Construction Industry Logo
Trawicki Electric - An electrical contractor
ANS Home Healthcare Logo
The WurkHub A Coworking space
Wisconsin Clean Cities Logo
Accelerated Analytical Logo
American Family Boating Logo
The Lightsmiths - Home lighting contractor
Coello Concrete
Four Seasons Farm Market Logo
Paun Construction Logo
Melvin Mulch Company
Evergreen Air Logo Concept
Charger Robotics Tshirt
CW Purpero Aniversary seal
Melvin Mulch site Button
Pauline Haass Public Library Logo
The Sage - An app in development
Sellars Construction Logo
Randy's Pro-Roll Putter - A putter product for sale
SellUSA logo
By Owner Vantage - Real Estate
Bownear - Archery product
BIOSpecific - Ag company
Haskin & Karls - A law firm
Accurate Basement Repair Logo
DRBA Direct - Real Estate
AJ Gun - A Tattoo design
DRBA Butler
The Softball Maniac - Softball promotion
Uberhood - A bike roof concept
Gutterguardz - Gutter protection
Azteca Tree Service Logo
Nick, The Construction Guru Logo
American Family Boating Logo
Fan to See - Sports novelty headgear
Sonrise Remodeling Logo
For His Glory Ministries Logo
Familytime Logo
Integra by Coello Logo
World Icon
Backdoor Systems - Cable collections
Net Systems - Online Bank
Visual Marketing Concepts - POP Company
Salzers Construction Logo
Coolman Solutions - Marketing
AquaMaints - FishtankvService
Spring Gardens Landscaping Seal
Buena Vista Bar and Grill
The Aykerville Diner Logo
Fire & Ice - HVAC Company
Ayk Logo 2015
Screws Loose - Blog
Chris Aykroid Logo 2014
Ayk Logo 2013
Ayk Logo 1998
Ayk Creative  Logo

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