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A solution to the mailbox post problem.

By Chris Aykroid  ©10-12-17

Happy Anniversary Eagles Ridge!

Were you aware that it has been 25 years since the founding of Eagles Ridge?

Yes, the subdivision is getting a little older, and she still is in great shape! We are facing one problem though...


...our mailbox posts are getting out-of-shape. We all need to realize that this is the first thing people see when driving through the subdivision and no matter how well you keep your house and property, the post is still out front, being a silent sentinel to the state of the neighborhood.

What can we do about it?

As you can see in the sketch, an alternative is being considered for the problem.

The mailbox post has been re-imagined as a HDPE Plastic molded product.

That’s high density polyethylene, (click for a nice infographic),  (See material sample photo below),it's almost indestructible. It can be recycled and be made from recycled material! You have seen the same material used to make a lot of children's toys, storage tanks and furniture, It's similar to the vinyl siding on your house, the color will hold up well. A snowplow direct hit with some force might launch it into the air but aside from an event like that it could stand up tWisconsin winters and last for a long, long time.

...and the best part!

The mailbox post will have a molded in logo on both sides. This is the brand of our subdivision, our alligator, Hollister, Nike or Under-Armor.  It’s what sets us apart, supports the community of Eagle Ridge, puts the purpose the mailbox post over the top! This all goes back to the main issue which is why there is an Eagles Ridge Property owners Association, to protect the owners and  our property values!

A better mousetrap?

As you can see in Fig. a, the design mimics the existing post closely. This will keep our brand as  Eagles Ridge intact and ease the transition of new installation as well. The finish will match the current color and even have a woodgrain appearance  molded right in. We will also be improving the aesthetics of the design too. These features include a recessed base made out of a composite material to protect from weed whackers, reflectors installed on both sides to aid in navigation on the street, not only helping drivers but also the aforementioned snowplow drivers.

There is also an improvement to the shelf between the mailboxes to hold samples, phone books etc.. A hook is to be molded underneath that will hold bags, in the shade for food donation pickup. The mailboxes themselves, which will be mounted separately as they are now, can have doors on both sides to forgo the need to even go into the street to get the mail. There is even a molded area on the top of the post that will accept a fixture,on all sides that can hold a small banner. see appendices

A rendering of

the proposed

Eagles Ridge

mailbox post.


Fig. A

Alternatives to a custom branded design.

There are other ways to solve this problem. We can recreate the existing wood post originally made in the 90’s... but at a higher cost. We can purchase an existing post from a mailbox shop... but at a higher cost and without the “value added” design benefits described earlier. We can buy single mailbox post, wood or plastic, from your preferred home center, at a cheaper cost... and look like every other rural subdivision in the country.

Cost of this concept.

We would like to keep the cost of this concept at least to what it would be to rebuild the existing wood version which has more labor and materials than a molded option, which needs a mold and secondary items like the base , reflectors, logo color and stripe.

The price target is 175. per house (2 houses per Mail post), not including installation/taxes.

So consider this post concept and let's discuss it!

No decision has been made yet. There is a brand new Eagles Ridge HOA board too.


Let’s move Eagles Ridge ahead in a positive direction. Let's get the discussion going! The button below goes to the Eagles Ridge group page on Facebook. or has a lot of folks chatting too.


Whatever you decide, we can all agree that Eagles Ridge is a great place to live with great neighbors who all what to see our subdivision, property values and , of course, families prosper.   Thank you!

AYK Logo

The state of the problem. Photos taken early spring 2017

Research Photos

The last three photos are some examples of groups of boxes from other

subdivisions in the area

Fig. C    Side view and navigation reflectors.

              They also cover the mounting bolts

Fig. B  Banner concept on left side view also shows

the "bag hanger" for food donations.

(you're welcome Jen Waltz!)

Material cutaway sample. This is HDPE scrap from

a large arcade game. The wall thickness is about .25"

Full Concept details  Fig. d

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